25 Things To Do With Kids In Tucson [SUMMER]

It’s HOT out there. With the steamy sun rays pounding down and the temperatures breaking the 100 threshold, it can be tough to know what to do with kids.

Try these 25 ways to beat the heat (and the summertime boredom blues!):

  1. Run through the water at one of Tucson’s best splash pads.
  2. Hike to 7Falls and swim when you get to the end.
  3. Bounce off some energy at an Open Jump session at Pump It Up.
  4. Visit your local library and sign up for the summer reading program.
  5. Check the Bookmans Event Calendar for story times, movie nights, and fun classes.
  6. Catch a free or $.50 movie at Harkins Theatres, Grand Cinemas, or Cinemark.
  7. Enjoy pizza and themed activities at Peter Piper Pizza Summer Kid’s Days.
  8. Splash at one of the 16 Tucson pools.
  9. Register for free/cheap swim lessons through the YMCA or Tucson Parks & Rec.
  10. See a Wild West Stunt Show at Trail Dust Town.
  11. Drive up the winding road to Mt. Lemmon.
  12. Enjoy a milkshake at Little Anthony’s Diner.
  13. Sign up for the summer reading program at Barnes & Noble and earn a FREE book.
  14. Cartwheel into fun at Open Gym at Springs Gymnastics, Gymnastics World, Gymnastics World NW, or Trinity Gymnastics.
  15. Participate in Summer Track & Field events at parks around Tucson.
  16. Take your stroller and walk the indoor track at Morris K. Udall Regional Center, William Clements Recreation Center, or El Pueblo Regional Center.
  17. Get air at one of Tucson’s two indoor trampoline parks – AZ Air Time or Get Air Tucson.
  18. Get cultural by visiting one of Tucson’s indoor museums – Children’s Museum Tucson, International Wildlife Museum, Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures, or Tucson Museum of Art.
  19. Sign up for a Vacation Bible School program.
  20. Catch a show at The Gaslight Theatre.
  21. Order a pizza and frozen yogurt at Costco.
  22. Enjoy a Concert in the Park at Crossroads at Silverbell Park.
  23. Go on an evening adventure when the temperatures drop.
  24. Relax on an night ride with Sabino Canyon Tours.
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What do YOU do with your kids in the summer in Tucson? Leave a comment and share your ideas!


  1. Tucson Grandma says

    A fun thing to do, and it’s free, is to see the bats at sunset fly out from under the bridge at River & Campbell. It’s an amazing sight to see thousands of bats emerge, almost like on cue, flying off into the sunset in search of their nightly meal of insects. My grandchildren loved it!

  2. Jennifer says

    My kids LOVE to wash the truck! They go out in their swimsuits and have a big bucket of soapy water and rags and the hose. Tons of fun!

  3. Tucson kid says

    coming from a kid the greatest thing to do in the whole state is to go to gaslight theater. it is located right behind little anthonys diner. they are actualy buisness partners. the proof of this is in the theatre. their is a door into little anthonys in the theatre. Plus you can order almost anything from little anthonys during the show but the food isnt even the best part. the shows are the funniest things youll ever see my grandparents just took me to see the 3 musketeers i laughed so hard i almost peed my pants. They offer a great selection of shows all family freindly yet still hilarious so please go to gaslight thearte.

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