Get 60 lbs of Produce for $10 (Mar 2012)

Show up at a Market on the Move (MOM) distribution point, pay $10, and receive up to 60 lbs of fresh produce!

Enjoy a healthful array of colors on your plate…and share the bounty with neighbors, coworkers, friends, family, or anyone who may be in need.

The fruits and vegetables all come from Mexico and are USDA-inspected.

Market on the Move will be in Tucson on select Saturdays in March. Pick-up is available between 8:00am and 12:00noon. Pre-registration is not required.

MARCH 3 Pan Asia Center, 940 S. Craycroft Road

MARCH 4 St. Ambrose Parish, 300 South Tucson Blvd. AND St. Joseph Church 215 South Craycroft

MARCH 10 St. Cyril, 4725 E. Pima Street

MARCH 17 Most Holy Trinity Church, 1300 North Greasewood Road AND St. Pius X 1800 N. Camino Pio Decimo AND The Giving Tree, 4431 East 22nd Street


  1. Susan P says

    My friend has been doing this the past month and says it is a great deal! She splits the food with her mom since it is a lot of produce! She also recommends arriving between 8 and 9 am since the best items are often gone quickly. Here are some of the items they had lately: big tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, eggplant, green peppers, and various types of other peppers.

    • says

      Good to know! We may give it a try too. That’s A LOT of produce and I love the premise behind the organization – it’s designed so that people can share with + give to others.

  2. Danielle Flack says

    I’ve been doing this for the last 5-6 weeks and I really do love it! The best part about it compared to things like bountiful baskets is that you get to pick your produce, which means you don’t have to get all 60 lbs and you can get more of one thing or none of something else. This week I got some beautiful English cucumbers and some fancy hydroponically grown heirloom tomatoes that are just delicious!! Also you don’t need to bring your own bags or box as they give you a box to use. The other great thing is that for a single $100 donation you can go every weekend (to every single location if you want) for a whole year!

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