Hold a Peanut Butter Drive for the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona

The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona has an urgent call out for donations of peanut butter, since the price per jar has increased over 50% lately.

You can hold a Peanut Butter Food Drive yourself. Just call the Community Food Bank and they will drop off flyers and boxes at any Tucson location for you to use. Food drives can happen anywhere – your school, work, church, club, or birthday party; it’s up to you! It can be as simple as setting out a box and hanging some flyers, or you can increase participation by having a contest or raffle for those who donate.

Other food items can also be accepted, as long as they are not in glass containers.

For more details or to order boxes and flyers, call Jacob Coldsmith at (520) 882 – 3288. You can also set up an online peanut butter food drive by contacting Cecily Urizar-Faught at (520) 882 – 3275.

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