TUCSON PRODUCT: Raw Honey from Holly’s Little Farm

Did you know that many of the “honey” products that you see on grocery store shelves aren’t 100% honey? It’s true!¬†Even the jars with the 100% label have often been heated and filtered for a smoother appearance!

Raw honey, however, is in a category all on its own. It’s the only pure, unprocessed, and unpasteurized honey – and it has numerous health benefits!

Holly’s Little Farm, based right here in Tucson, sells raw honey at a number of local retailers including La Estrella Bakery, Vista Feed & Supply, Dickman’s Meat, Civano Nursery, Maynards Market, and more!

The brand also sets up roadside stands around town throughout the year. Follow @rawhoney4u to get daily updates about where you can pick up a jar.

The cost per jar is approximately $11.


  1. DA Vidtine says

    Hi. My doctor suggested trying a teaspoon of locally supplied raw/natural honey to help with allergie symtoms….honey with the antimicrobials not elimanated! Is this what you’re selling and if so, where can I buy it? We’re in Oro Valley. Thanks much!

  2. Carolyn says

    I am a Master Gardener from
    MD who has a place out here in Tucson for the winter months. One of my concentrations is beekeeping, so I would like to visit some of the facilities\farms here.

  3. Francine Mongue says

    Hi I have had some of your raw honey a friend of mine that knows you his name is Chris sent me some and wow it is awesome stuff would lone to buy some do you send some of your honey

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