WIN a $50 Gift Card to Sprouts Farmers Market [Deadline: Sept 20]

We recently featured Sprouts on KVOA News 4 at 4:00 as a fun place to stock up on quick meals + fun snacks for date night. Take a look:

Sprouts Farmers Market (which recently acquired Sunflower Farmers Market) boasts colorful, lively stores that offer a mix of natural, organic, and great tasting mainstream foods at remarkably low prices. You’ll find mountains of farm-fresh produce, all-natural meats, and a scoop-your-own wonderland of bulk foods.

This quote on the Sprouts website shows a bit of what the company stands for: “The stores are built on a human scale. We don’t wall you in with a canyon of excess, or use the forced flow design of traditional supermarkets that makes you feel like a rat in a maze.

There are 5 locations in the Tucson region:

  • 7877 E. Broadway Blvd.
  • 4645 E. Speedway Blvd.
  • 4282 N. 1st Ave.
  • 3860 W. River Rd.
  • 7665 N. Oracle Way, Oro Valley

Enter to win a $50 gift card using the easy entry methods below. Good luck!

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  1. Lisa says

    I shop mostly at Neighborhood Walmart because they price match and their prices on most things are lower. There are not a lot of alternatives where I live.

  2. Jason says

    We usually shop at Sprouts and Trader Joe’s. Great selections of good meat, produce, and other healthy foods at good prices.

  3. Joy says

    Trader Joe’s is my number one choice because of their great prices on gluten free foods. I do love Sprouts but try to grow most of my veggies at home so don’t find myself going there as much lately. Great job Stephanie!

  4. laura e says

    husband does 90% of our shopping and 100% of the cooking. His choice is Trader Joes
    because of the products and price. For produce then it is Sprouts

  5. John says

    Title says contest deadline is September 21, yet today is September 20 and it tells me it is no longer accepting entries and the contest is over. Not very cool.

    • says

      Sorry about that! We made an error in the title (corrected now). For future giveaways, note that we use Rafflecopter and it provides a “countdown” of days/hours to the giveaway’s end.

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