Facts about Tucson's Libraries


Broadcast journalist Walter Conkrite once said that, "Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation."

Here at TucsonTopia.com, we agree that libraries are beneficial to our city, our state, our country, and our world. They are places of education, growth, imagination, and emancipation.

Below you'll find some fun facts about the Pima County Public Library system, provided by Community Relations Manager Kenya Johnson.

Remember that it's absolutely FREE to get a library card. Provide a valid photo ID and proof of a current residence in Tucson and you'll have access to print books, ebooks, audio books, DVDs (including many current releases!), CDs, magazines, song downloads, and more!

NUMBER OF LIBRARIES IN TUCSON: Not including Bookbike and the BookMobile, there are 27 branches in the Pima County Public Library system.

NUMBER OF ITEMS YOU CAN CHECK OUT AT ONE TIME: Adults can check out 25 items (maximum of 10 DVDs) at one time. Teens can check out 5. Children can check out 2.

BIGGEST LIBRARY: Joel D. Valdez Library is the largest in square feet and collection – 100,000 square feet and nearly 138,000 items in the collection.

SMALLEST LIBRARY: El Rio Library is the smallest in square feet – 1,000 square feet. Santa Rosa Library has the smallest collection – 4,555 items.

NEWEST LIBRARY: Sahuarita Branch Library (opened in January 2009).

OLDEST LIBRARY: Salazar-Ajo Library (opened in 1946).

COST TO CONSTRUCT A LIBRARY: The funds needed to build a library vary from facility to facility. The funding is the result of voters who approve City or County bonds in an election, which pay for new and expanded library facilities.

NEW LIBRARIES SLATED FOR 2013: There aren’t any new libraries planned to be built in 2013. The Eckstrom-Columbus Library is being remodeled, with a scheduled completion timeframe of May 2013.

How close is the nearest library to where you live? How often do you visit it? Which Tucson library is your favorite and why? 

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