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green Himmel Park Tucson

Himmel Park is a green oasis in the heart of Midtown Tucson.

Located on the east side of Tucson Boulevard, half a block south of Speedway Boulevard, Himmel Park contains a cozy library, whimsical playgrounds, numerous tennis courts, and a swimming pool. A wide, tree-lined walking path bisects the park. The verdant grass and mature trees beckon neighborhood dog-walkers and picnickers. The trees are alive with birds, such as the vermilion flycatcher, gila woodpecker, hummingbirds, northern cardinal, and the lesser goldfinch. There is a small knoll on the north side of the park that is used as a natural amphitheater for local productions. In addition, the park is used by various recreational sport leagues since it has four soccer fields, numerous baseball/softball fields, and a 1/2 basketball court. 

Originally built in 1944*, Himmel Park is one of Tucson's oldest parks and is well-loved by many native Tucsonans. Other assets of Himmel Park include a hard-to-beat location, lots of foot traffic from the surrounding neighborhood, 25+ acres, and waving palm trees. 

Because Himmel Park sits in the middle of the well-established (and expensive) Sam Hughes Neighborhood, it is almost always abuzz with activity. Kids laugh on the swings and slides. Adults play tennis. Families visit the library that shares space with the park. There is much to do at Himmel Park.

*The swimming pool dates even further back to 1936.

General Information

Where is Himmel Park located?

Himmel Park is in Central Tucson at 1000 N. Tucson Blvd.

Who is Himmel Park named after?

Himmel Park is named after Alvina Himmel Edmonson and her family. Alvina Himmel Edmondson and husband Charles S. Edmondson came from New Orleans, LA to Tucson in 1897 and homesteaded on 160 acres bounded by E. Speedway and Tucson Blvd. They had 4 daughters: Catherine, Grace, Alvina, and Frances. The couple divorced in 1927 (and Charles later died in 1942 in Phoenix). Alvina Himmel sold part of their homestead to the City of Tucson in 1934 or 1935 with the stipulation that the site be named after the Himmel family, in memory of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Himmel.

Himmel is the German word for "heaven."

When is the park open?

The park is open daily, 6:00am – 10:30pm.

Why would I visit Himmel Park?

  • To play a round of tennis
  • To enjoy a picnic with family and friends
  • To participate in or cheer on a soccer team
  • To slide and swing on the playgrounds
  • To visit the library

How much does it cost to visit the park?

Admission to the park is free.

Are restrooms available?


What is the parking situation at Himmel Park?

Parking is free. There are 124 unshaded parking spots.

What should I bring with me when I visit the park?

Consider bringing a picnic blanket, a basketball, a baseball mitt, tennis equipment, or your library card. Sun safety is encouraged. Prepare for a perfect day at the park with a hat, drinking water, and sunscreen. 

What is the best season for visiting the park?

October thru April are ideal because the temperatures tend to be more moderate than in the summer months. That said, Himmel Park can still be enjoyed in the summer months since there is an on-site swimming pool (open June-August).  


How many playgrounds are there at Himmel Park?

There are two playgrounds - one on each end of the park. The playgrounds feature slides and swings with minimal shade.

Are the playgrounds shaded?

Partially. The playgrounds have integrated shade on their structures, but not a shade structure over the entire area.

Is there an area for tots & babies?

Some of the slides are on the smaller side – ideal for toddlers & preschoolers. There are two toddler swings on the east playground (near the library).


How many tables are there at Himmel Park?

There are several unshaded concrete tables.

Are there any ramadas at Himmel Park?

Yes! There is a group ramada, located near the large playground. The ramada has 4 picnic tables with benches and two large grills on the south end of the ramada.

Are trash cans available and easily accessible?


Are there BBQ grills?


Is there an on-site restaurant or cafe?


What restaurants do you recommend in the area?

Try one of the below restaurants, which are within a 3-mile radius of the park:

  • Noodleholics, 3502 E. Grant Rd - Chinese dishes focused on noodles
  • Kingfisher Bar & Grill, 2564 E. Grant Rd - seafood
  • Culinary Dropout, 2543 E. Grant Rd - inventive cocktails and comfort food
  • Robert's Restaurant, 3301 E. Grant Rd - diner, homemade breads, daily breakfast and lunch specials
  • Feast, 3719 E. Speedway - eclectic cuisine, rotating menu, wine
  • Cielos, 306 N. Alvernon Blvd - outdoor patio, seasonal menu, cocktails, wine
  • Chick-fil-A, 3605 E. Broadway - chicken sandwiches, nuggets, fries, salads, shakes 

How close is the nearest grocery store?

Pick up picnic supplies before heading to the park! Flora's Market Run and Whole Foods Market are less than a mile away.

How close is the nearest pizza delivery place?

Fresco Pizzeria (0.5 miles away) and Rocco's Little Chicago (1.3 miles away) are less than 2 miles away!


How many sports fields are there?

Himmel Park has:

  • 4 soccer fields
  • 6 pickleball courts
  • 6 tennis courts
  • 1/2 basketball court
  • numerous baseball/softball fields
  • a swimming pool 


What are the hours for the pickleball & tennis courts at Himmel Park?

  • March-October: 7:00am-9:00pm
  • November-February: 8:00am-9:00pm

How can I access/reserve the pickleball or tennis courts? What is the cost?

The courts at Himmel Tennis Center are on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations are not required, but there is a court fee. All court fees are for 1.5 hours.


  • Adults: $2.50-$3.00
  • Seniors (ages 60+): $2.00-$2.50
  • Juniors (ages 18 and under): $1.00-$1.25


  • Flat night rate is $10 per court.


Is the swimming pool open all year?

Himmel Pool is a 25-yard pool that features a 1-meter diving board, depths from 3.5-11 feet, accessible stairs, and a grassy area with ramadas. A separate wading pool has a beach entry. The swimming pool is open in the summer only - June through August. 

How much does it cost to swim at the Himmel Park Pool?

Admission to the pool is free for summer 2023.

Is there a splash pad at Himmel Park?

Not currently, but one is in the design process!


Himmel Park Library Tucson

Himmel Park Library is a 6,989 square foot library with a small children’s area, one study room, and one meeting room. 


Can I rent a ramada for a birthday party or other event? What is the cost?

Yes. You can rent a ramada at Himmel Park for a birthday party or special event.

  • Full-day ramada reservation is $25 for City residents and $30 for non-City residents.
  • Holiday rates are $45 for City residents and $55 for non-City residents.
  • Beer/Wine permits are $25 for City residents and $30 for non-City residents.
  • Proof of address will be required to confirm you are a City of Tucson resident.


Public PoolYES
Splash PadNO
Parks & Rec FacilityNO
Sports FieldsYES
Dog ParkNO
Walking/Biking PathsNO
Hiking TrailsNO

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