Park Profile: Case Natural Resource Park

Case Natural Resource Park East Tucson

Hidden in an east side subdivision, Case Natural Resource Park ("Case Park" for short) is a gem because it is well-cared-for and blissfully quiet.

The 53-acre park features a children's butterfly sanctuary, a walking path, and a playground.

General Information

Where is Case Natural Resource Park located?

Case Natural Resource Park can be found at 9851 E Kenyon Terrace Dr in East Tucson near 22nd St & Houghton.

When is Case Natural Resource Park open?

Dawn to Dusk.

Why would I visit Case Natural Resource Park?

  • To enjoy a picnic with family and friends
  • To play on the playground
  • To meander through the butterfly sanctuary
  • To throw a frisbee or kick a soccer ball with a friend

How much does it cost to visit Case Natural Resource Park?


What is the parking situation at Case Natural Resource Park?

Free. There is one small lot with 7 regular parking spots and 2 handicap parking spots.

What should I bring with me to Case Natural Resource Park?

  • Water
  • Snacks
  • A portable potty for your toddler if you're not a fan of porta potties

Sun safety is encouraged. Prepare for a perfect day at the park with a hat, drinking water, and sunscreen.

What is the best season for visiting Case Natural Resource Park?

October thru April are ideal because the temperatures tend to be more moderate than in the summer months. That said, Case Park can also be enjoyed in the summer months - especially in the early morning hours and at dusk.


How many playgrounds are there at Case Natural Resource Park?

One. The playground has two slides, two regular swings, and two baby swings.

What is the ground surface beneath the playgrounds?

The playground is partially on soft rubber and partially on dirt.

Are the playgrounds shaded?

Minimally shaded.

Is there an area for tots & babies?



How many tables are there at Case Natural Resource Park?

Four shaded tables. There are also several other tables with BBQ grills that are unshaded.

Are trash cans available and easily accessible?


Are there BBQ grills?

Yes. Adjacent to each table/ramada.

Is there an on-site restaurant or cafe?


What restaurants do you recommend in the area?

Our top picks within a 5-mile radius are:

  • Five Guys, 9484 E. 22nd St (1.2 miles away) - burgers, fries, shakes
  • Little Anthony’s Diner, 7010 E. Broadway (4.6 miles away) – fun 50’s atmosphere, pizza, burgers, milkshakes

How close is the nearest grocery store?

Target, Albertsons, and Safeway are all less than a mile away.

How close is the nearest pizza delivery place?

Call Grandma Tony's Pizza at 520-885-7117.


Are restrooms available? Where are they located?

There are no restrooms on-site. One porta potty is on the premises. It's actually pretty clean as far as porta potties are concerned.


Can I bring my dog to Case Natural Resource Park?

Yes. Note that your dog must remain leashed and you must pick up litter after your pet (potential $500 fine).


Can I rent a ramada for a birthday party? What is the cost?

No. Ramadas are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are not available for rent.


Public PoolNO
Splash PadNO
Parks & Rec FacilityNO
Sports FieldsNO
Dog ParkNO
Skate ParkNO
Walking/Biking PathsYES - minimal
Hiking TrailsNO
GardenYES - children's butterfly sanctuary

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