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The Gaslight Theatre has been entertaining Tucson since November of 1977 - and it is still one of Tucson’s most beloved entertainment destinations!

It all started as the brainchild of Tony Terry, a UA student, who rounded up a gang of his friends and headed to Alaska one summer, where the group formed their own drama troupe. They apparently missed the desert sunshine, though, because they headed back to Tucson the following autumn and began operating the infant Gaslight Theatre out of an old red barn in Trail Dust Town on Tanque Verde Road. Soon, The Gaslight began to outgrow the old red barn. After moving twice, The Gaslight Theatre finally ended up at their current location in 1990, where they renovated the building and added on Little Anthony’s Diner.

Since the beginning, Gaslight Theatre has charmed Tucson with hilarious melodrama spoofs for the entire family. Featuring both old and new popular songs, performances by a talented cast, a delicious diner-style menu, and free popcorn on every table, The Gaslight Theatre will have you and your kids doubled over with laughter.


Where is The Gaslight Theatre located?

The Gaslight Theatre sits on the corner of Broadway and Kolb at 7010 E Broadway Boulevard in East Tucson.

What are the hours?

Box office hours are 10:00am to 8:00pm daily.

Other than for shows, The Gaslight Theatre is generally not open to the public.

What kind of shows can I see at The Gaslight Theatre?

The vast majority of The Gaslight Theatre’s shows are their own hilarious spoofs of popular movies. Typically, the Gaslight has 5 mainstage melodrama shows per year. You can check out the current show here and upcoming shows here.

The Gaslight also puts on a themed concert almost every Monday night of the year. Whether you love the music of the 50's or you just can’t get enough of mariachi music, Gaslight will have a concert for you. See the line-up of upcoming concerts here.

How much does it cost?

An adult show ticket is $27.00 before tax, but The Gaslight Theatre offers discounts for children ($15.00 for ages 2-12), seniors ($25.00), students ($25.00), and members of our military ($25.00). Season tickets are also available - see six shows for the price of five!

A typical adult ticket for a Monday night concert is $27.00, but, again, The Gaslight offers discounts!

Lap-sitting babies (under 2) are always free

What is the parking situation?

The Gaslight Theatre sits in a paved parking lot of over 200 parking spaces. You should always be able to find a spot.

What should I wear?

The Gaslight Theatre, like the rest of Tucson, is typically pretty casual, but you are also welcome to dress up.

What should I bring with me?

You should bring cash or your credit card along with your phone/camera. The Gaslight has several photo cutouts of past and present characters in front of the theatre. Fun photo opps for the whole family!

Can I take photos during the performances?

You can take photos, but flash photography and video are not permitted during performances.

Are bathrooms available?




It's Christmas time 1961 in Smalltown, U.S.A., but no one seems to be in the holiday spirit except for student Rolinda Porter. With help from an unexpected source, Rolinda seeks to bring the Christmas Spirit back to Smalltown and to save the town itself from a problem of another kind. Will Rolinda and her friends save Smalltown in time for Christmas? Will the Christmas Spirit return to Smalltown? Will there still be time for Rock and Roll? Find out in this Rockin' Holiday Show!


Return to the innocence and simplicity of the 1950s in this hilarious and heartwarming dinner theatre production. You and your family will enjoy cheering for the heroes and booing the villain in this classic show about a small-town girl trying to save her father's record shop from the greedy town tycoon. We particularly loved that there was an element of self-sacrifice in this show's storyline (when young Lincoln gives up something he has worked particularly hard for) and that there is a positive portrayal of a son-in-law/father-in-law relationship. Plus, we always appreciate patriotism in shows, hailing military heroes of both the past and present.

As usual, Jake Chapman exudes energy on-stage as Hot Rod Lincoln, a young soldier who returns home from Christmas to propose to his girlfriend. Whenever he is on stage, you can't help but be captivated by the pep in his step and his boy-next-door charm. Heather Stricker was superbly snotty and perfectly pretentious as stereotypical popular girl Tiffany Harker. On top of that, a gaslight show wouldn't be the same without Mike Yarema's comedic timing and facial expressions.

To "wrap it all up," your whole family will be delighted by this Christmas production at Gaslight Theatre!


  • Running November 9, 2023 to January 7, 2024
  • Plays 7 days per week
  • Show times vary, but are typically at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, 7:00, or 8:30.
  • Closing show on Sunday, January 7, 12:30pm

Get your tickets today! Call 520-886-9428 or visit The Gaslight Theatre box office.


Is outside food allowed?


Does The Gaslight Theatre have a restaurant?

Yes! Little Anthony’s Diner sits in the same building as The Gaslight Theatre. You can even enter the theatre through the diner! This fun 50s-themed diner is completely family-friendly. You can relax and enjoy a well-priced classic American sandwich, salad, or pizza while your kids play in the Little Anthony’s vintage arcade area.

Browse the full Little Anthony’s menu here.

What if we get hungry during the show?

The Gaslight has you covered! During the show, you will be able to order delicious diner favorites from one of The Gaslight’s friendly wait-staff. From sandwiches and pizzas to milkshakes and pie slices (a la mode), you will never need to go hungry at The Gaslight. Ordering is not obligatory, but it definitely adds to the experience.

Note that The Gaslight Theatre supplies all tables with complimentary popcorn throughout the entire show!

Can you tell me more about this pizza?

We’re glad you asked! At Little Anthony’s Diner and The Gaslight Theatre, you can order Grandma Tony’s Pizza, which comes in three different sizes. Prices range from $14 to $21, with eleven unlimited toppings. Gluten-free and cauliflower crust options are also available.

Should I tip my server at The Gaslight Theatre?

Absolutely! Your server is working hard to bring you beverages and menu items throughout the show. Be sure to leave a gratuity after the show. 15% to 20% is customary, but more is certainly welcome.


Are Gaslight Theatre shows appropriate for kids? Is there an age limit?

Every show is family-friendly! Kids love the melodrama shows and really get into yay-ing for the good guy and boo-ing for the bad guy. Kids are even welcome to come in costume. Feel free to stick around after curtain call to get a photo with the cast too.

*Note that mainstage shows are approximately two hours in length so it may be a bit long for a toddler to sit through.

Are the shows scary?

With themes ranging from superheroes to Frankenstein, you may wonder if the shows at Gaslight Theatre have frightening components. All of the shows do have a villain (or, in most cases, a team of villains), but they are "playfully bad" (smiling at scenes and even dancing alongside the good guys). Most children will enjoy booing for the bad guys and celebrating along with the heroes. The shows always conclude with a happy ending!

Should I bring a stroller?

You probably don’t need to bring a stroller since walking will be minimal and the space is not very big. Plus, a stroller might be difficult to fit around some of the tables in the theatre.

Are changing tables available in the restrooms?

Yes. The bathrooms are a tight squeeze.


Can I plan a party at The Gaslight Theatre?

Yes! The Gaslight Theatre is available for special events, meetings, and presentations.


Is The Gaslight Theatre active on social media?

Yes! You can follow The Gaslight Theatre on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.

Is there anything else I need to know before I go?

That's about it. Have a blast!

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