Labor & Delivery Options in Tucson

Labor Delivery Tucson

Pregnant in Tucson? Researching which hospital or birth center would be a good fit for your upcoming birth? We are proud to bring you the most comprehensive look at the EIGHT different labor & delivery options in our city.

We've listed all seven below in alphabetical order with a brief Q & A...answered by the center's staff.

Babymoon Inn of Tucson

  • Address: 2802 N Alvernon Way, Tucson
  • Phone: 520-827-8150

Banner - University Medical Center Tucson

  • Address: 1625 N. Campbell Ave., Tower 1, Floor 5, Tucson, AZ 85719
  • Phone: 520-694-8888
  • OF NOTE: Virtual and In Person Labor and Delivery Tours are offered, as well as prenatal and childcare prep classes and postpartum and breastfeeding support groups. Parents can register online.

"At Banner – University Medical Center Tucson, you’ll find all of the maternity care you need, whether your pregnancy is low risk or complicated, high risk. We provide safe, quality care ensuring our team is prepared for any emergent needs with a focus on continuous quality improvement to deliver superb care. We specialize in low risk, low intervention births as well as high risk deliveries like vaginal breech delivery, twin vaginal delivery, and vaginal birth after a cesarean delivery. We value partnering with you to have the safest birth experience. Know that our team is there to ensure you feel comfortable, informed, and safe while you’re with us at Banner – University Medical Center Tucson."

WHAT ARE THE ROOMS LIKE? Each patient labors in her own private room with fabulous mountain views (the best in town)! Beautiful labor rooms range in size from 219 to 267 sq. ft. Rooms are equipped with chairs and sleepers and private shower/bathroom as well as regular birthing beds to keep patients safe. Birthing balls, squat bars, mirrors, peanut balls, and wireless fetal monitoring are also provided in each room for patients. In addition, families are encouraged to bring in whatever supplies they feel will assist in their birthing experience.

WATER BIRTHS or HYDROTHERAPY? Banner - University Medical Center Tucson uses hydrotherapy to help alleviate labor pain. The labor unit has two, new, inflatable labor tubs, and accompanying birth stools. Water births are not currently available.

EPIDURALS? Around the clock, in-house, anesthesiologists are available. Other medical management options for pain include IV pain medication and regional anesthetic blocks.

EATING & DRINKING PERMITTED DURING LABOR?  Eating and drinking is decided on a case-by-case basis through discussion of plan of care between the patient and her physician. For birth partners, one complimentary meal is available during the stay.

C-SECTION RATE? For nulliparous, term, vertex deliveries, the rate in 2022 was 25.43% and the rate to-date in 2023 is 21.09%.

BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT? Immediate breastfeeding is encouraged for those mothers who choose to do so. The team includes nurses, physicians, and midwives who have completed the IBCLC (International Breastfeeding Certified Lactation Consultant) program. Lactation consultants are available and also have their IBCLC certification. Banner has an outpatient breastfeeding clinic staffed by IBCLC physicians and midwives to help with breastfeeding after the family leaves the hospital. Breastfeeding & Pumping education classes are also offered. There is a breastfeeding support group that meets in person, every Thursday, from 9:00am- 10:30am.

HOW SOON CAN MOMS RETURN HOME POST-DELIVERY? Vaginal delivery 24-48 hours; c-section 48-72 hours. 

Carondelet St. Joseph's Hospital

  • Address: 350 N. Wilmot Rd, Tucson
  • Phone: 520-873-3000

"Women’s Care at Carondelet St. Joseph’s Hospital is designed to provide excellent care in every phase of childbirth, with the most advanced medical capabilities. Our continuum of care includes comprehensive prenatal through postpartum care with perinatology services for high risk pregnancies. We offer a warm, home-like atmosphere for every woman’s personalized care throughout her stay."

WHAT ARE THE ROOMS LIKE?  They are very spacious and include all of the latest technology, as well as a large comfortable bed for mom, a walk-in shower, and a pull-out couch for others to spend the night. The colors and lighting were designed to promote relaxation and comfort. Rockers, birthing balls, and water massage tubs are available for new moms to promote comfort and relaxation.

WATER BIRTHS? Carondelet St. Joseph's Hospital declined to comment.

EPIDURALS? 24-hour anesthesiology is available.

EATING & DRINKING PERMITTED DURING LABOR? Carondelet St. Joseph's Hospital declined to comment.

C-SECTION RATE? Carondelet St. Joseph's Hospital declined to comment.

BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT? Certified Lactation Consultants are available 7 days per week to support the new mom and baby. Free breastfeeding and postpartum support groups are also available weekly.

HOW SOON CAN MOMS RETURN HOME POST-DELIVERY? The length of stay for mom is very individualized based on a mutual decision between her and her physician. Typically vaginal births stay two nights, c-sections stay three.

Home Births in Tucson

If birthing at home interests you, you may want to contact All Natural Birth At Home.

*Note that there are currently no Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) in Tucson that offer home birth as an option.

Northwest Medical Center

  • Address: 1920 W. Rudasill Rd, Tucson
  • Phone: 520-877-4200

"The Women's Center at Northwest is a free standing, fully supported birth/newborn/women’s facility in Tucson. It opened in 2000 with all private rooms, 24/7 in-house anesthesia, 24/7 respiratory support, 24/7 neonatology support, dedicated lactation consultants, and social workers to assist women and their families. Parking is very close to the main entrance. We provide a 24/7 specialized tracking security system for the babies’ safety, Wi-Fi for families and visitors, and special celebration meals. We follow the LDR (Labor, Delivery and Recovery) model of birthing. All mothers and infants transfer from the labor/delivery room to a mother/baby room within two hours of birth. Babies stay with their mothers, not in a nursery, unless they need special care."

WHAT ARE THE ROOMS LIKE? We have birthing balls and peanuts, rocking chairs, flat screen TVs, and a select number of spa tubs. Every room includes a shower. The LDR rooms are approximately 225 square feet. Every birthing room and post-partum room includes a comfortable sleeping couch for the father or partner to rest. The patient bed is a standard birthing bed.

WATER BIRTHS? We do not offer a water birth option, but a select number of spa tubs are available for relaxation during labor.

EPIDURALS? 24-hour in-house anesthesiology is available.

EATING & DRINKING PERMITTED DURING LABOR? Eating and/or drinking during labor are at the physician’s discretion.

C-SECTION RATE? Northwest Medical Center declined to comment.

BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT? Lactation consultants make rounds daily for patients requiring special attention. Every R.N. has received special education to assist mothers with breastfeeding. Approximately 79% of mothers who deliver at Northwest Medical Center choose to breastfeed their infants.

HOW SOON CAN MOMS RETURN HOME POST-DELIVERY? The length of a mother’s stay postpartum is based on her condition

The Midwifery Center at TMC for Women

  • Address: 5979 E. Grant Rd., #107, Tucson
  • Phone: 520-795-9912

"The Midwifery Center, formerly El Rio Birth Center, is an accredited birth center attended by midwives that has offered a model unique from traditional hospital labor-and-delivery experiences since 1982. The center offers a home-like, natural childbirth experience with the safety net of a hospital known for excellent maternity and newborn care."

WHAT ARE THE ROOMS LIKE?  The rooms each have a queen size bed with complimentary furniture and a huge birth tub, plus a separate bathroom. We use birth stools, balls, rocking chairs, music, and other comfort measures that are portable and can be used in any space by any family.


EPIDURALS? The Midwifery Center at TMC for Women declined to comment.

EATING & DRINKING PERMITTED DURING LABOR?  The mother may eat and drink as she chooses.

C-SECTION RATE? The Midwifery Center at TMC for Women declined to comment.

BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT? There is no routine separation of mothers and babies at TMC. The Golden Hour of uninterrupted skin-to-skin time is observed for all births at TMC. During the Golden Hour, initiation of breastfeeding may begin, following your newborn’s cues. There is no routine administration of formula or pacifiers at TMC and donor breast milk is available should the baby have a medical need for supplementation. Additionally, TMC has a wonderful team of lactation consultants who provide breastfeeding assistance at birth and after discharge home.

HOW SOON CAN MOMS RETURN HOME POST-DELIVERY? Moms are typically able to go home within four to 12 hours after delivering their babies.

Tucson Medical Center

Tucson Medical Center Labor Delivery
  • Address: 5301 E. Grant Rd., Tucson
  • Phone: 520-327-5461

"TMC’s Labor and Delivery features a full team of professionals, all extensively trained in caring for mom and baby, including any rare crisis situations. Specialists are standing by 24 hours a day, every day, to handle any high risk pregnancy and deliveries. On-site specialists include perinatologists who are experts in maternal-fetal medicine, dedicated Labor & Delivery anesthesiologists, and neonatologists who care for babies needing extra assistance in TMC’s nationally renowned NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit), just across the hall."

WHAT ARE THE ROOMS LIKE? TMC’s spacious Labor and Delivery rooms are all private, with built-in seating where birth coaches can rest. All the rooms are furnished with a peaceful motif, including all that is required for a safe, comfortable delivery: birthing balls, large beds that are fully convertible to handle any birthing position, and huge shower stalls for comfort in labor. Four of the rooms also have large bathtubs. Personalized birth plans are encouraged and welcomed.

WATER BIRTHS? Generally, TMC does not offer water births.

VBACS? TMC is able to support Vaginal Birth After Cesarean for previous c-section moms who wish to pursue trial of labor, and has many successful VBACs each year. Not all hospitals offer this option.

EATING & DRINKING PERMITTED DURING LABOR? TMC does not encourage eating in later stages of labor.

C-SECTION RATE? Tucson Medical Center declined to comment.

BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT? TMC employs at least eight lactation consultants, all RNs and all internationally board certified (IBCLC). TMC is the only hospital in Southern Arizona to receive the prestigious global IBCLC Care Award for its outstanding Breastfeeding Support Program. All new moms who wish to receive a breastfeeding consultation will be seen, with consults available seven days a week. Lactation consultants also teach prenatal breastfeeding classes and host new moms and their babies at weekly breastfeeding support group meetings. Outpatient consultations are available by appointment. TMC also provides a retail shop near Labor & Delivery (the Desert Cradle) that offers breastfeeding pumps, books, and supplies.

HOW SOON CAN MOMS GO HOME POST-DELIVERY? TMC expects stays to last about two days for a vaginal birth and two to four days after a cesarean birth.

*NOTE ABOUT BLOOD CORD DONATION* Tucson Medical Center is the only hospital in Southern Arizona to collect donated umbilical cord blood as part of the Arizona Public Cord Blood Program. Expectant parents have the option of donating their baby’s umbilical cord blood to the Be The Match registry where it could save the life of someone with a life-threatening disease who needs a stem cell transplant. Donating cord blood does not hurt the mother or the baby. It does not change your labor or delivery and donation to a public bank is free.

Best wishes for a safe and peaceful labor, delivery, and recovery in Tucson!

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