Loft Kids Fest 2021 - Free Movies for Families!

The Loft Cinema Tucson

Let the fun begin!

The Loft Cinema proudly presents the Loft Kids Fest every summer in Tucson. 2021 is the 15th summer where the midtown movie theater will be offering free fun to Tucson families.

Each morning for nine days, children and their parents can experience some of the best family-friendly films, along with a fabulous animated short before every feature!

For 2021, The Loft Kids Fest will be held at home.

Each day, The Loft Cinema will recommend "a different fabulous film that you can stream for FREE on Kanopy or Tubi."

Each day’s film will be preceded by an animated short and will also be paired with a "mega-exciting Kids Fest bonus video, created by your pals at The Loft Cinema," that includes an introduction to the film, a fun crafting project with the staff of Mildred & Dildred Toy Store, and a surprise from a community friend!

Watch the Kids Fest bonus video before you stream each movie and you’ll be ready for action!

If you watch all the films and follow the clues that are given out each day, you might win the Grand Prize at the end of the Fest! There is also a prize for each day of the fest.


  • LOCATION: Your Home
  • DATES: July 22 - July 25, 2021
  • TIMES: Daily. At your leisure.


The Loft Cinema is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in midtown Tucson with a mission to "create community through film, honoring the vision of filmmakers, celebrating ideas and promoting the appreciation and understanding of the art of film." The 10,934 sq ft building has three screens that can seat 376, 98, and 90 - for a grand total of 564 seats. A snack bar is available with a number of offerings from local restaurants, including Tucson Tamale Company, Fresco Pizzeria, and Isabella's Ice Cream (see the full menu). Beer + wine are also available for purchase by adult guests.






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