Tucson Streetcar Guide - Parking, Passes, and Things To Do

Tucson Streetcar night | Tucson Streetcar Guide - Parking, Passes, and Things To Do

Planning to ride the Sun Link Streetcar for business or pleasure?

Here is a quick run-down of facts about the streetcar:

  • Connects passengers to the University of Arizona, Main Gate Square, 4th Ave, Downtown, & Mercado San Agustin
  • 3.9-mile route
  • Generated $800M in public & private investment to-date
  • All-electric, green
  • Made in USA streetcars
  • Part of regional transit system
  • Tucson’s largest construction project to-date

The Sun Link project is part of a voter-approved, $2.1B Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) plan implemented through 2026.

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Tucson Streetcar. With our helpful guide, you should be able to plan your ride on the Tucson Streetcar with ease. Happy Riding!

How much does it cost to ride the Tucson Streetcar?

Sun Link offers a wide range of pass options to meet your transit needs. The following pass products can be loaded on a SunGO Card, SunGO ID & Card, or the GoTucson Transit App.

SunGO 1-Day Ticket

  • Can be purchased at all Sun Link stops
  • Provides unlimited rides for a 24 hour period on the streetcar and Sun Tran buses
  • Cost: $4.00

SunGO 3-Day Pass

  • Provides unlimited rides on the streetcar and Sun Tran buses for 3 consecutive days after first used
  • Can be loaded on a SunGO Card (which has a one-time fee of $2) or can be purchased with the GoTucson Transit App
  • Cost: $10.00

SunGO 30-Day Pass

  • Provides unlimited rides on the streetcar and Sun Tran buses for 30 consecutive days after first used
  • Cost: $48.00

SunGO Annual Pass

  • Provides 365 days of unlimited rides after first used
  • Cost: $480.00
  • Tucson's most discounted streetcar pass

***Be sure to have your SunGO Ticket, SunGO Card, SunGO ID & Card, or Go Tucson Transit App ready when you board. Note that you CANNOT purchase or pay a fare with cash on board Sun Link. There is no fare box and the operator does not accept fares.

What is the cost for kids to ride the Tucson Streetcar?

The City of Tucson doesn't currently offer a youth rate, but a special youth pass is sometimes available for purchase during the summer months.

Do babies & toddlers ride free on the Tucson Streetcar?

Yes! Children age 5 and under ride free with a paying adult.

Where can people hop on and off the Tucson Streetcar?

There are 23 stops along the 3.9 mile route that are spaced approximately ¼ to ½ mile apart. 

What restaurants are along the Tucson Streetcar route?

So many! And they are excellent ones too! Start with one of these highly-rated and delicious options.

  • 47 Scott
  • Agustin Kitchen
  • Cafe a La C'Art
  • Cafe Poca Cosa
  • Charro Steak
  • Cup Cafe at Hotel Congress
  • Downtown Kitchen + Cocktails
  • Hub Restaurant & Hub Ice Creamery
  • La Cocina
  • Maynards Market + Kitchen
  • Mi Nidito Restaurant
  • Reilly Craft Pizza & Drink
  • Sparkroot Coffee Bar
  • Stella Java
  • The Boxyard
  • The Coronet
  • The Screamery

What museums, shopping centers, and/or theatrical venues are along the Tucson Streetcar route?

You may want to consider the following attractions along the streetcar route:

I want to live on or near the Tucson Streetcar route. Which neighborhoods should I consider?

If you choose a home in one of the following neighborhoods, you should be able to access the Sun Link Streetcar route with ease:

  • North University
  • West University
  • Pie Allen
  • Iron Horse
  • Armory Park
  • Downtown
  • Barrio Viejo
  • El Presidio
  • Menlo Park

Want to buy a house in one of these neighborhoods? We recommend Tucson Realtor Tim Sheaffer! Call or text him to see available properties: 520-305-9005.

Tucson Streetcar | Tucson Streetcar Guide - Parking, Passes, and Things To Do

Where can people park their cars to get on the Tucson Streetcar?

There are 11,000 parking spaces throughout the route. Please consult the parking map. University of Arizona garages are blue, parking lots are green, and Park Tucson garages are yellow. Street parking is free on weekends and on weekdays after 5pm. Weekend parking is often free at University of Arizona garages, except when special events are happening. Many people park along the Sun Link route and ride the streetcar to multiple locations for food, shopping, and entertainment.

How often does the Tucson Streetcar run?

Listed below are the hours of operation and frequency.

tucson streetcar schedule hours

*Schedule is subject to change. During University of Arizona summer and winter breaks, Sun Link service ends Thursday at 10:00pm, and Fridays and Saturdays at 12:00pm. When University of Arizona is in session, Sun Link service ends at 2:00am on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Is it possible that the Tucson Streetcar will eventually expand and connect to other parts of Tucson?

The City of Tucson participated in developing a High Capacity Transit Implementation Plan that was sponsored by Pima Association of Governments. The plan identified 6 corridors that were viable options for implementing bus rapid transit and possible streetcar extensions. Further evaluation of these high capacity corridors will be included in the work that will be conducted by Jarrett Walker and Associates as part of the Regional Long Range Transit Plan. The plan will take between 12-15 months to be completed and will include several public meetings to engage the community.

Why a streetcar instead of a light rail?

Streetcars are designed to utilize the existing lanes of travel and not have to create its own right-of-way. The function well in tight downtown streets and are great for moving people in smaller corridors. Light rail vehicles are more commuter based systems that are designed to move people long distances.

Hope to bump into you on the Tucson Streetcar in the coming year!

*Note that the rates in the audio soundbite above are inaccurate, but the video will give you a glimpse of the streetcar in-motion. Refer to the full guide for current pricing.

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