New Splash Pads, Bike Paths, Parks - 407 Green Up Tucson Bond

Splash Pad Brandi Fenton Tucson
More Splash Pads & Parks in Tucson? Vote on 407 Bond on November 6!

A special election will be held in Tucson (Pima County) on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

One of the biggest items on the ballot will be a parks bond, entitled Yes On 407 Green Up Tucson.

The $225,000,000 bond will "provide funds for capital projects for parks and recreation, to wit: capital improvements to, and equipping of, existing parks; acquisition, construction, improvement, and equipping of new parks; acquisition, construction, improvement, and equipping of new and existing connectivity components between and within parks, including greenways, bikepaths, sidewalks, and walkways."

The proposition aims to improve 100 of Tucson's 128 parks and adds many miles of connecting pathways and green ways for bicyclists and pedestrians.

In other words...If you vote YES on 407, Tucson's parks are about to get a major upgrade!

Some of the named projects on the bond include:

  • THREE brand new parks - Robert A. Price (Wimot & Rio Pico on the southeast side), Gunny Park (Campbell and Bilby adjacent to Sunnyside High School), and Barrio Nopal (Nogales and Elvira just south of Valencia)
  • TWELVE brand new stand-alone splash pads at Barrio Nopal Park, Morris K. Udall Park, Limberlost Family Park, Christopher Columbus Park, La Madera Park, Rio Vista Natural Resource Park, Clements Center (at Abraham Lincoln Regional Park), Robert A. Price Sr Park, CSS Martin R Gunny Barreras Memorial Park, El Pueblo Park, Santa Rita Park, and an extra-large splash pad at Gene C. Reid Park
  • ELEVEN brand-new splash pads in public pools (that will replace wading pools) - at Archer Pool, Kennedy Pool, Menlo Pool, Mission Manor Pool, Oury Pool, Fort Lowell Pool, Jesse Owens Pool, Mansfield Pool, Escalante Pool, Freedom Pool, Himmel Pool
  • UPGRADES for TWO existing splash pads at El Rio Park and Jacobs Park
  • new greenways and walking paths
  • new playgrounds (many with shade!)
  • new ramadas
  • new and/or renovated restrooms at some parks
  • shade for some existing playgrounds
  • bicycle and safety mobility projects
  • resurfacing of all basketball courts and tennis courts
  • resurfacing of tennis courts at Reffkin Tennis Center (which is owned by the City of Tucson)

Mayor Jonathan Rothschild is in support of the bond, "This is a transformational opportunity for our community.  The addition of the protected pedestrian and bicycle pathways and green ways connecting parks to each other, schools, and centers of commerce can change the quality of life for all Tucson."

City of Tucson residents are invited to submit written pro or con arguments for Prop 407 before August 8.

The City will be releasing an interactive map with all parks and connections projects on Aug. 8.

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We will also be updating this page as new information about the 407 bond is released.


Thanks to Mayor Jonathan Rothschild and Chief of Staff Lane Mandle for helping to provide answers to the below questions. 

Who can vote on the bond? City/county residents?

Only City of Tucson residents.

What will passing of the bond mean for the average resident? Increased taxes?

There is no increase in taxes.  The funds that will be used will be capacity from decreasing debt service.

What other "big" items will be on the ballot this November?

Pima County is putting a roads proposition on the November ballot that will "help improve residential streets."

Will all of the splash pads be the same or will they vary in size/design?

Should the bond program pass, Tucson Parks & Rec envisions making each splash pad unique.

Why are some of Tucson's tennis courts being converted to pickle ball courts?

Pickleball is popular! Tucson Parks & Rec has seen a tremendous public demand for outdoor pickleball courts. Current indoor pickleball courts operate at capacity.

What exactly is included with "bicycle safety and mobility"?

There are 34 Bicycle Safety and Mobility projects in the bond program. They were all selected from the City of Tucson Bicycle Boulevard Master Plan which received extensive public input and was approved by Mayor and City Council. The projects aim to create a network of safer and more comfortable bicycle routes, provide on-street bike facilities separated from traffic, and encourage people of all ages and abilities to ride a bike. They projects will include protected bike lanes, enhanced crossings, an expansion of Tucson's Bicycle Boulevard network, and shade trees with water harvesting.


What other questions do you have about the 407 Green Up Tucson bond?

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