2024 Best Summer Camps in Tucson

Welcome to Tucson's #1 Summer Camp Guide!

If you are searching for a Tucson summer camp for your child or teen, this page is your go-to spot. We will be actively updating all of these pages throughout the summer to help you find camps, classes, sports teams, and other programs for your kids and teens to participate in this summer.

Summer is a fantastic time for kids to go to camp to learn new skills, to have fun with friends, and to explore different hobbies.

Whether you are looking a for a full-day camp, a half-day camp, or a once per week class, you're bound to find ideas here.

We have divided summer camp pages into themes so that you can easily find a camp or class to match your child’s interests.

Academic Camps in Tucson

Tucson Academic Camps

Are you looking for a way for your children to build their reading, writing, math, or science skills this summer? Take a look through our list of academic camps in Tucson...

Animal Camps in Tucson

animal camps tucson

Does your child love animals? Does he/she dream of owning a farm or having a whole menagerie of pets? Take a look through our list of animal camps in Tucson...

Camps for Teens in Tucson


Are you looking for a summer class, camp, program, or activity for your teen? Take a look through our list of summer camps for teens in Tucson...

Cooking Camps in Tucson

cooking camps tucson

Do you have an aspiring chef in the house? Is your child eager to help with meals or to bake up extra special treats? Take a look through our list of cooking camps in Tucson...

Dance Camps in Tucson

Tucson Dance Camps

Are you looking for a summer camp where your child can learn to dance or improve their already existing dance skills? Take a look through our list of dance camps in Tucson...

Drama Camps in Tucson

tucson drama camps

Does your child love to perform? Does he/she dream of acting in a play, reciting a monologue, or belting out tunes in a musical? Take a look through our list of drama camps in Tucson...

Fine Arts Camps in Tucson

Tucson Fine Arts Camps

Does your child love doodling on sketchpads, sculpting with play-doh, and painting with watercolors? Take a look through our list of fine arts summer camps in Tucson...

Horse Camps in Tucson

Horse Camps Tucson

Is your child crazy about horses? Would he/she love to ride, groom, and care for horses this summer? Take a look through our list of horse camps in Tucson...

Music Camps in Tucson


Does your child have an interest in learning a new musical instrument or improving on already existing skills? Take a look through our list of music camps in Tucson...

Overnight Camps in Tucson

Overnight Camps in Tucson

Are you looking for an overnight camp for your child or teen this summer? Take a look through our list of overnight summer camps in and around Tucson...

Performing Arts Camps in Tucson

Tucson Performing Arts Camps dance drama music

Does your child love twirling at the park, dressing up in costume, and tap-dancing in the kitchen floor? Take a look through our list of performing arts camps in Tucson...

Sports Camps in Tucson


Do you have a child who loves the world of sports? You’ve come to the right place to find sports camps around Tucson. Volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, track & field, and more!

For more ideas for summer fun in Tucson, be sure to consult our complete 2022 Summer Guide, our citywide calendar (the #1 calendar in Tucson!), and our free weekly newsletter.

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